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1. Employees who wish to take the day after Thanksgiving as a personal day off _____ to get managerial approval.
2. Wilson Electronics announced Tuesday that 500 workers will be _____ off next month due to the slumping economy.
3. Mr. Hawkins is a worker who usually performs quite _____ under pressure.
4. Because of _____ exceptional durability IXC chips are in high demand for the new QC systems.
5. ______ heavy rain, this afternoon's baseball game has been rescheduled for Friday.
6. After speeding to the airport and sprinting across the terminal, the PelCro Corp executives arrived just _____ time to catch their flight.
7. Ms. Griffiths was eliminated as a candidate when she answered yes to the question, "Have you ever ____ anything from a previous employer?".
8. Ms. Balfour is a talented singer and songwriter, but playing piano is her ______.
9. Some workers still need _______ of the rules pertaining to common courtesy among colleagues in the workplace.
10. Would you please phone Dana Miller, our office manager, on 555-3385 at your earliest convenience to ________ an interview day and time? Interviews usually last about 30 minutes, and are scheduled between 8 and noon, and then 2 and 4.
11. Secretarial interviews will be _______ at 8:30 a.m. on Oct, 3rd.
12. Since being promoted last summer, Brenda in marketing has been _____ boasting about her new boat.
13. Atco Aviation has ________ shut down production of its newest model L-101 planes in the wake of disappointing advance orders.
14. All computer programmers are required to be back ____ their desks by five minutes after one.
15. Despite the attorneys' prolonged negotiations, the terms of the proposed marketing agreement were not satisfactory to _____ party.
16. The chairman of the Macrosoft Board of Directors shall retain the power to make _____ decisions.
17. Please choose ______ the following options: green, blue, white or purple.
18. Will the last person leaving the office please remember to ______ the lights?
19. Increased sales of its new smart phone application have put the firm in the ______ this quarter.
20. Could I have tea ______ coffee?
21. Satisfaction is ______ or your money back when you order color prints from Technichrome Inc.
22. Highman & Sons' profits ______ to increase by 15 percent in the next fiscal quarter.
23. If Kevin Cleaners ________ willing to lower their fees by 10 percent, I'd be willing to sign a contract with them.
24. The new prices are _________ from March 1st.
25. The Butler Building is _______ the corner of Fifth and Vine.
26. Would you mind ________ me the phone, please.
27. Could I see your driver's ________ please ?
28. We're ______ copy paper. Could you please order some more ?
29. Ace Architecture was honored for its commitment to green,__________ development.
30. Unlike our competitors, who opened too many stores last year, we need to expand ______.

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